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Dr. Brandon "Kip" Hicks

Dr. Brandon “Kip” Hicks is an extraordinary figure in emergency medicine, boasting a remarkable career spanning over two decades as an Emergency Physician at St. Mary’s. His expertise and dedication to urgent healthcare needs have been unwavering, showcasing a commitment to timely and critical care.

While Dr. Hicks has primarily focused on emergency medicine, his personal passion for wellness stands as a cornerstone of his life. Despite the absence of formal training in aesthetics, his pursuit of wellness, both personally and professionally, has been a driving force. He sees this opportunity as a unique gateway to further his involvement in wellness, recognizing its paramount importance in preventive care and overall health.

Beyond his medical commitments, Dr. Hicks finds immense joy in being a devoted father to a remarkable young lady, actively supporting her endeavors as a dedicated cheer dad. His compassionate nature extends to his furry companions as a loving caregiver to two dogs. Additionally, his involvement in philanthropy, notably the Dances with Athens Stars charity event, underscores his commitment to community betterment.

Educated at the Medical College of Georgia and having completed his residency in NYC, Dr. Hicks’ extensive background in emergency medicine has equipped him with invaluable experience and insights into acute healthcare needs. Despite his professional focus, his strong belief in the power of wellness and lifestyle choices to prevent or alleviate medical issues is evident.

Dr. Hicks’ interest in the functional medical realm further accentuates his dedication to wellness advocacy. Although not formally trained in this area, his conviction in the role of proactive health strategies and their potential to prevent medical conditions stands firm.

Driven by his belief that many health concerns can be mitigated through proactive wellness and lifestyle choices, Dr. Hicks sees this opportunity as a significant step toward merging his emergency expertise with a broader vision of holistic health. His aspiration to amplify the importance of wellness reflects his commitment to advocating for preventive care in the medical landscape.

Katie Nichols

Katie Nichols, a powerhouse in both entrepreneurship and finance, boasts an impressive 14-year tenure in the clothing industry. Her entrepreneurial prowess led her to achieve the esteemed Bulldawg 100 award two years in a row, marking her outstanding success in business. However, feeling she had reached the pinnacle of her journey in clothing, Katie took a bold step, embarking on a two-year hiatus to explore new ventures.

During this hiatus, she ventured into the realm of real estate, leveraging her skills to flip houses. It was during this time that a brilliant idea took shape as she joined forces with Laura to establish the House of Lore med spa. This transition marked a remarkable shift from fashion to the world of aesthetics and wellness.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has always been at the forefront of her journey. From founding a company at the young age of 25 that blossomed into a multi-location empire spanning South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, Katie’s determination and vision have been the driving forces behind her success.

Despite her professional commitments, Katie’s heart belongs to her two boys, whom she cherishes above all else. Her dedication extends beyond her family to her love for animals, as evidenced by her nurturing care for three dogs and five chickens. Her commitment to both her family and her furry companions speaks volumes about her compassionate nature.

Katie’s multifaceted life, from business triumphs to nurturing her family and animals, reflects a woman of depth and diverse passions. Her pivot from fashion mogul to co-founder of House of Lore Med Spa is a testament to her ability to adapt, innovate, and excel in various domains. Her dedication to both business and personal values showcases her as an embodiment of resilience, vision, and compassion.

Laura Pruitt

Laura Pruitt, the esteemed COO of House of Lore Med Spa, embodies the culmination of a lifelong dream intertwined with unparalleled expertise in the realm of medical aesthetics. With 14 years of dedicated experience and a multitude of certifications, Laura stands as a pillar of knowledge and proficiency in the industry.

As the driving force behind House of Lore, Laura’s passion for aesthetics is matched only by her commitment to providing exceptional client experiences. Her journey began at Athens Tech in 2008, where she laid the groundwork for her illustrious career. Over the years, she has fine-tuned her skills, specializing in pigmentation—a testament to her mastery in enhancing skin vibrancy and radiance.

Laura’s vision for House of Lore extends far beyond offering cutting-edge treatments. She envisions a sanctuary where clients not only receive top-tier skincare but also embark on transformative journeys toward confidence and self-assurance. Her leadership is marked by a perfect blend of expertise, compassion, and innovation, ensuring that House of Lore stands as a beacon of excellence in the med spa industry.

Beyond her professional prowess, Laura’s zest for life shines through her love for travel, an insatiable appetite for reading, and the companionship of her beloved fur baby, Jack. Her vibrant spirit infuses the atmosphere of House of Lore, creating an environment that radiates warmth, care, and a genuine commitment to holistic wellness.

Under Laura’s guidance, House of Lore Med Spa thrives as a testament to her unwavering dedication to making aesthetic dreams a beautiful reality for each and every client who walks through its doors.

Tiffany Puckett

Meet Tiffany Puckett, RN, BSN, LNC, the powerhouse behind our med spa’s transformative touch. With over 15 years of expertise in plastic surgery and cosmetic injectables, Tiffany’s journey began at the University of North Georgia, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1995. Now, with an impressive 28-year track record, she continues to redefine beauty standards.

What makes Tiffany a true maverick in her field is her unwavering belief that beauty isn’t one-size-fits-all. While her nursing background leans toward treating ailments, she’s discovered a thrilling new realm: igniting beaming smiles on clients’ faces by enhancing their unique aesthetic qualities. For Tiffany, real beauty isn’t conformity—it’s celebrating individuality.

Yet, her impact extends beyond the treatment room. Tiffany’s a force in the community, pioneering the Athens Free to Breathe 5K Run. Together with her exceptional team, they rallied for lung cancer research, amassing over $1 million in 12 years—a testament to her unwavering commitment to making a difference.

With Tiffany, it’s not just about transforming appearances; it’s about unlocking confidence, celebrating diversity, and creating a world where everyone feels empowered to embrace their distinctive beauty.

Ashley Eppinger

Meet Ashley Eppinger, a dedicated Nurse Practitioner and Senior Cosmetic Laser Practitioner specializing in Botox, fillers, hormones, and wellness. With nine years of experience in healthcare, Ashley’s journey began at Georgia College & State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from 2010 to 2014, followed by her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from 2017 to 2020.

Ashley’s commitment to her clients extends far beyond the surface. Alongside her proficiency in cosmetic treatments like Botox and fillers, she has a deep-rooted passion for holistic health and wellness. Her expertise in hormone therapy and wellness allows her to take a comprehensive approach to beauty, focusing on both inner vitality and outer radiance.

Specializing in hormonal balance and overall wellness, Ashley empowers her clients to achieve optimal health and beauty from within. Her personalized approach to hormone therapy aims to restore balance and vitality, ensuring clients feel their best both physically and emotionally.

Outside her professional realm, Ashley’s heart finds joy in her family life. Since 2019, she’s been happily married, relishing the role of a loving spouse and a dedicated parent to her two kids—a boy and a girl. When she’s not attending to her clients’ needs, Ashley can be found embracing an active lifestyle, whether sweating it out at the gym, exploring new and exciting restaurants, or traveling to broaden her horizons.

Ashley’s holistic philosophy permeates every aspect of her life and practice. Her genuine dedication to wellness and beauty resonates in her approach, creating an environment where clients feel heard, cared for, and understood. Her ultimate goal is to empower individuals to lead healthier, happier lives by integrating specialized treatments in Botox, fillers, hormonal therapy, and overall wellness guidance.

With Ashley, clients experience a unique blend of expertise, compassion, and a fervent desire to guide them on a transformative journey toward holistic well-being, inside and out.

Amy Kohel

Introducing Amy Kohel, a seasoned professional in the beauty and wellness industry, boasting an impressive 16 years of experience. As a multifaceted talent, she holds certifications as a Medical Aesthetician, LE Assistant Laser Practitioner, and Master Cosmetologist—making her a true powerhouse in the realm of aesthetics.

Amy’s journey began in her beloved Wisconsin, where she embarked on her path in cosmetology at Vici Beauty School in 2007. Her dedication and passion for beauty led her to further her expertise at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in 2016, specializing in aesthetics.

What sets Amy apart is her unwavering dedication to her clients. Her approach to skincare isn’t merely about treatments; it’s about fostering meaningful connections while guiding individuals on their personal journeys to achieving radiant skin. Her ability to build relationships rooted in trust and understanding forms the cornerstone of her practice.

Beyond her professional commitments, Amy finds solace and joy in the company of her two sweet boys, cherishing every moment spent with family and friends. Her Wisconsin roots ground her, infusing her work with a warmth and authenticity that resonates with everyone she encounters.

Amy’s commitment to her craft goes beyond skill—it’s a passion that drives her to empower her clients, helping them reach their skincare goals while instilling confidence from within. Her genuine care, coupled with her wealth of experience, ensures that each client who walks through her door receives not only top-tier treatments but also an empathetic guide on their journey to glowing skin and self-assurance.

Anna Hayno

Introducing Anna Hayno, a dedicated Medical Aesthetician and Assistant Laser Practitioner, whose journey into the world of aesthetics began with a profound love for the industry. At the age of 40, Anna embarked on a career that aligned with her passion for helping people feel their best, turning her heartfelt enthusiasm into a fulfilling vocation.

With a strong foundation in marketing from the University of Alabama, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in 2003, Anna’s transition to aesthetics at Athens Tech in 2021 marked a turning point in her professional journey. Despite two years in the field, Anna’s commitment and fervor for the aesthetic industry have been unwavering.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Anna finds joy and fulfillment in her family life. Married for 19 years, she is a devoted parent to two teenagers, balancing their active schedules filled with basketball games and horseback riding adventures. Outside the confines of work, Anna embraces an active lifestyle, indulging her love for outdoor activities like wake surfing while passionately supporting Alabama football.

Anna’s passion for aesthetics extends beyond the surface—it’s a commitment to constant learning and staying abreast of the latest technologies. Her dedication is evident in her desire to share her knowledge with clients, empowering them with information and guidance to make informed decisions about their skincare journeys.

With Anna, clients not only receive top-notch treatments but also experience a compassionate and knowledgeable guide in their pursuit of enhancing their natural beauty. Her dedication to continuous learning and her genuine desire to assist others make her a valuable asset in the ever-evolving field of medical aesthetics.

Ann Loyer

Ann Loyer, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) with a profound connection to ancient healing practices from her upbringing in Peru, embodies a rich cultural heritage that profoundly influences her massage work. At 53 years young, her passion and purpose in healing through massage are deeply rooted in her upbringing around natural and alternative healing methods.

Ann’s commitment to continual learning and growth manifests in her massage practice, where she tailors each session with a deep understanding of her clients’ needs. Listening and addressing their unique requirements remains her top priority, ensuring a personalized and effective healing experience.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, complementing her diverse expertise within the health industry, where she’s dedicated over two decades of service. Her journey as a therapist spans seven years, having graduated from the Oconee School of Therapeutic Massage in 2021. Additionally, her specialized training in reflexology techniques from esteemed institutions like The American Academy of Reflexology and The Academy of Radiant Health illustrates her commitment to expanding her skill set.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ann’s life revolves around her three adult children, Adriana, Fabia, and Pablo. Her love for nature and connection with the outdoors shines through her hobbies—embracing nature through activities like camping, hiking, trekking, and canoeing. She finds solace and inspiration in poetry, interior design, and antiquing, fostering a well-rounded and creatively fulfilled life.

As an advocate for graceful aging, health prevention, and personal empowerment, Ann’s dedication to fostering a beautiful, joyful, and connected life shines through her work. Her belief in the transformative power of holistic wellness resonates deeply, guiding her clients on a journey toward vibrant health, empowerment, and a life lived with purpose and joy.

Mimi Watson

Mimi Watson, the versatile Director of Operations, brings a wealth of experience from various industries, embodying a knack for adapting to new challenges and transforming them into passions. Her role as a leader is a testament to her innate ability to absorb information and drive operational excellence in every venture she undertakes.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mimi’s life is enriched by diverse experiences. A published author, she finds solace and inspiration in writing, showcasing her creativity and storytelling prowess. Her heart belongs to her wonderful husband and son, and her love for travel and music forms the backdrop to many cherished memories.

With a robust background in administrative roles and a degree in Public Relations with a minor in English from the University of Georgia, Mimi’s expertise is a blend of strategic communication and a keen eye for detail. Her journey through various industries has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of operational intricacies and the art of fostering success in diverse environments.

Mimi’s perspective on aging as a beautiful journey resonates deeply with her belief in the wisdom that comes with experience. Her commitment to House of Lore reflects a dedication to ensuring that beauty and wellness are not just services but transformative experiences. Her aspiration is to create a space where clients and the community feel embraced, guided, and inspired to embrace the beauty in every stage of life.

With Mimi at the helm of operations, House of Lore is driven by a passion for delivering the highest standards of service, where beauty and wellness intertwine to create an environment that celebrates the wisdom and beauty of every individual.

Stephanie McGoldrick

Stephanie McGoldrick is a dynamic professional serving as a Client Coordinator, bringing over 13 years of administrative expertise to her role. Her dedication to facilitating seamless client experiences is rooted in her passion for organization and effective communication.

Outside her professional sphere, Stephanie is a devoted mother to three wonderful boys, showcasing her commitment to family and nurturing. Her love for travel fuels her adventurous spirit, allowing her to explore diverse cultures and create lasting memories. Additionally, she finds solace and inspiration in her dedication to fitness through regular workouts and indulges her curiosity and imagination through the world of literature.

Stephanie’s extensive administrative background underscores her proficiency in managing tasks efficiently and ensuring smooth operations. Her role as a Client Coordinator is enhanced by her knack for detail-oriented organization and her ability to create an environment where clients feel valued and prioritized.

Her multifaceted interests, coupled with her administrative acumen, position Stephanie as a valuable asset in delivering exceptional client care and ensuring a positive and memorable experience for all those she interacts with.

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