Laser Hair Removal in Athens, GA

Laser Hair Removal Athens, GA


If you’re looking for silky-smooth skin on a long-term basis, Laser Hair Removal is a great option. The GentleMax Pro by Candela uses advanced technology. It targets specific hair follicles with precise light beams. This helps reduce future hair growth effectively.

This technique can be used on various parts of the body where hair grows. Its versatility can be used on the face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area, as well as any other areas where hair grows. Men and women alike seeking a permanent hair removal method find its precision and efficiency unmatched.

After a few treatments, results will begin to appear, reaching their peak after 6-8 treatments. Results can last for months to years with occasional touch-up treatments to maintain hair-free skin.

House of Lore, specializes in providing customized laser hair removal services. Embrace the future of hair removal; schedule your consult and experience the House of Lore difference!

We highly recommend scheduling a consultation for Laser Hair Removal. Not all hair colors are suitable for treatment. In this case, our experts can recommend the next best option for hair removal accordingly.

Our experienced professionals will assess your needs and create a personalized treatment plan. During the consultation, we will explain the process, technology, and potential side effects, ensuring you have a clear understanding before committing to the treatment. We will also address any concerns or questions you have.

Commonly Treated Areas

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starting at $175+

Laser hair removal for the abdomen targets unwanted hair, creating a smoother and cleaner look.


starting at $110+

This precise treatment reduces hair around the nipple area for long-lasting smoothness.

Arms (Full & Half)

starting at $175+

Choose from full or half-arm laser hair removal for hair-free skin.

Back (Full & Half)

starting at $200+

Tailored to remove hair from the entire back or lower/upper half, providing a sleek appearance.


starting at $175+

A defined laser treatment that shapes and thins facial hair, reducing the need for regular shaving.


starting at $175+

Laser hair removal for the bikini line offers a clean edge and smooth skin.

Brazilian for Men

starting at $250+

A more extensive hair removal option for men, targeting the entire pubic area.

Brazilian for Women

starting at $200+

This comprehensive treatment removes most or all pubic hair for women.


starting at $175+

Laser hair removal for the buttocks provides a smooth and hair-free appearance.


starting at $200+

Ideal for men, this treatment reduces chest hair and can help define muscle tone.


starting at $110+

Targeting unwanted hair on the chin for a smoother and clearer facial profile.


starting at $110+

A quick and easy solution for removing unwanted ear hair.

Face (Full & Lower)

starting at $200+

Full or lower face treatments for a hair-free facial surface.


starting at $175+

Removes hair from the feet, including the toes, for sandal-ready feet year-round.

Full Body

starting at $3,600+ / includes 8 sessions

An extensive laser hair removal option covering the body for a complete hair-free experience.

Glabella (In Between the Eyes)

starting at $110+

Cleans up the area between the eyebrows for a neat, well-groomed look.


starting at $110+

Eliminates unwanted hair on the hands and fingers for a clean and refined appearance.

Happy Trail

starting at $110+

Removes the line of hair leading down the stomach to the pubic area.

Legs (Full & Half)

starting at $200+

Offers a smooth finish on either the full leg or just the upper or lower half.


starting at $110+

Removes hair from the upper lip area, preventing shadow and offering a clean look.

Lip & Chin

starting at $175+

Removes the line of hair leading down the stomach to the pubic area.


starting at $175+

Cleans up hair on the neck, perfect for extending the clean look of a haircut or beard trim.


starting at $200+

Removes hair from the shoulders for a more polished look in sleeveless outfits.

Side Burns

starting at $110+