Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal in Athens, GA

Permanent Makeup Removal Athens, GA


Permanent Makeup Removal at House of Lore now offers an expanded service, including treatment for both eyebrows and lips. These laser treatments are perfect for people who want to fix or reverse the effects of microblading, eyebrow tattoos, lip coloring, or freckle enhancements.

Our expert technicians use the Chrome Laser-Station by Cartessa to target pigment in eyebrow tattoos, lip color and lip liner, or freckles. This breaks the pigment into smaller particles that the body can easily eliminate. It’s important to note that this laser procedure specifically targets the tattoo, leaving your natural eyebrow hair untouched. This ensures that your eyebrow hair remains intact while getting rid of the unwanted cosmetic tattoo.

This procedure is non-invasive and works well for most skin types. It can greatly enhance the look of eyebrows and lips, bringing them back to their natural state.

It’s tailored for individuals who wish to remove their eyebrow tattoos or lip color for a variety of reasons, whether due to a change in aesthetic taste, poor results, or a desire to return to a more natural look. Results can be observed after a few sessions, with the number of treatments varying based on the depth and color of the ink.

The longevity of the results is permanent; once the pigment is removed, it does not return. To explore the possibilities of correcting your eyebrow tattoos, lip color, or freckles, we invite you to book a consultation with our skilled specialists at House of Lore and take the first step toward restoring your natural beauty.


Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal

starting at $125+

Laser treatment that can fix or reverse the effects of microblading, eyebrow tattoos, lip coloring, or freckle enhancements, and other unwanted tattoos.

Consultation required before treatment!



Who is a good candidate for Permanent Makeup Removal?

Individuals who are dissatisfied with their microblading results or have an outdated eyebrow tattoo that no longer suits their appearance, as well as those seeking treatment for their lips and freckles, are good candidates for this treatment.

Although some fading may be visible after the initial session, the best results are usually achieved after several treatments. The pigment tends to diminish gradually with each session, leading to optimal results.

The results are permanent. Once the tattoo pigment is removed, it will not reappear.

There is no significant downtime required. Some redness or sensitivity may occur immediately after the treatment, but this typically subsides quickly. Let your provider know immediately you develop any allergic reactions.

Before treatment, avoid sun exposure and refrain from using retinol or other sensitizing skincare products. After your treatment, make sure to follow the aftercare instructions given by your technician. This typically involves keeping the treated area clean and protected from the sun.

During your Permanent Makeup Removal treatment, you will experience a sensation comparable to the snap of a rubber band against the skin. The procedure is relatively quick, and any discomfort is usually minimal and temporary. A numbing cream can be used prior to treatment if needed.

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