VI Peels in Athens, GA

VI Peel Athens, GA


At House of Lore we offer an expanded selection of VI Peel treatments. This includes the VI Precision Plus and VI Purify with Precision Plus, in addition to our traditional VI Peel services. The advanced options are made to target specific skin issues. They assist each client in achieving optimal results for their skin.

The VI Peel is a highly effective chemical peel that enhances the skin’s texture, clarity, and overall appearance. It incorporates a distinctive combination of powerful ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate cellular turnover, and unveil a rejuvenated complexion.

The VI Peel can treat skin issues on the face, neck, and other areas. These issues include acne scars, sun damage, and fine lines. It is suitable for diverse skin types and is a favorite for those desiring a significant improvement in skin tone and texture.

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We highly recommend scheduling a consultation for VI Peel at the House of Lore. We offer a different types of chemical peels so our experienced professionals will assess your needs and create a personalized treatment plan just for you. During the consultation, we will explain the process, technology, and potential side effects, ensuring you have a clear understanding before committing to the treatment. We will also address any concerns or questions you have.

Commonly Treated Areas

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VI Precision Plus


This chemical peel is tailored for those seeking a comprehensive solution for various skin concerns. It’s especially effective for treating hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. VI Precision Plus uses strong ingredients to make skin brighter, reduce dark spots, and improve overall complexion. The formula is designed to penetrate deeply for maximum efficacy, making it suitable for those needing more intensive treatment.

VI Purify w/ Precision Plus


This peel is great for people with acne-prone skin. It combines the benefits of the VI Precision Plus with extra components that focus on acne and acne scars. It helps clear breakouts, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and smooth acne scars. The added purifying elements ensure that the skin not only looks clearer but also feels healthier and more balanced.

VI Precision Body Peel

starting at $300+

This specialized body peel is perfect for treating larger skin areas on the arms, legs, back, or chest. It is designed to provide targeted attention to these areas. The VI Precision Body Peel is adept at addressing skin concerns like rough texture, sun damage, and uneven tone on the body. Its formulation is tailored to be effective on the thicker skin of the body, ensuring both safety and effectiveness.



Who is a good candidate for VI Peels?

Here’s a breakdown of our VI Peels at House of Lore:

  • VI Peel: The original peel for improving skin clarity, reducing blemishes, and enhancing overall skin health.
  • VI Precision Plus: Tailored for hyperpigmentation, including sun spots and melasma, for a radiant complexion.
  • VI Purify with Precision Plus: Designed to purify acne-prone skin and diminish acne scars, revealing smoother skin.

Always consult with a House of Lore skincare specialist to determine if it’s right for your specific needs.

Most clients begin to notice improvements within a week after treatment. As the skin heals and rejuvenates, the complexion continues to improve.

The results of a VI Peel can last for several months and can be prolonged with proper skincare and periodic maintenance treatments.

Post-treatment, clients may experience some peeling or flaking, which is a natural part of the skin’s renewal process. This usually lasts a few days. It’s essential to avoid direct sun exposure during this period.

Before beginning treatment, it is important to limit sun exposure and avoid certain skincare products that can increase skin sensitivity. These products include retinoids and those with high acid content. Clients should prioritize sun protection after getting a peel. This includes using a broad-spectrum sunscreen and keeping their skin well-hydrated. Refraining from using harsh or abrasive products for a few days can also aid healing.

The procedure involves applying the VI Peel solution to the skin, which may result in a slight tingling sensation. The treatment is quick, and any discomfort is minimal and short-lived.

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